PROBLEM:   The average small business loses half of its customers every 3 years. (Inc. Magazine)

SOLUTION:   A proven program that turns those lost clients into happy, engaged, new clients.

Accelerator Program

In this program, our team works directly with you to create a fully optimized and systematized win-back program.

Risk Mitigation

Working with a new partner is often a risk.

To mitigate the risk you'll receive a customized "Client Win-Back Blueprint" so an informed decision can be made before moving to a bigger commitment. (Details below.)

The Process

Step 1 - Ensure a Good Fit
We'll have a short call where we'll look at your product, the number of lost customers, customer value and other factors to ensure we're a good fit.

Step 2 - Create the Customer Win-Back Blueprint
Our team will create the Blueprint (with your input) in 7-9 business days.  The Blueprint will offer a detailed framework for your campaign covering these areas:

  1. Campaign Cadence
  2. Lost Customer Audit
  3. Win-Back Offer Recommendations
  4. Optimization & Systematization Framework

Step 3 - Create the Win-Back Campaign
After we deliver the Blueprint you'll have 3 options ...

Option 1
You can execute the program in-house.  Since the Blueprint is a detailed, executable framework with very specific recommendations, you may decide to create and run the campaign yourself.  There's a nominal charge for this option.

Option 2
The team and I execute the Blueprint with you.

Option 3
In the unlikely event that you don't think the Blueprint will work for your business, we'll refund your investment in the Blueprint.